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They Claimed Their Little Girl Went Missing But Police Found Her Hidden In Their Restaurant

79.3 percent of reported accounts of child abuse involve one or both of the child’s parents.

A couple in Jackson, Ohio, recently contributed to this statistic. With two children and their own business to look after, their plate was certainly full. From the outside, the family seemed to be happy, but that facade crumbled once the couple’s five-year-old daughter was found dead.

The parents of Ashley Zhao told police that she was missing earlier this month. According to them, when her mother went to check on her after a nap, she was nowhere to be found.

A child advisory was issued for the area, as police suspected that the little girl had wandered out the back door of the couple’s restaurant.

More than 70 police officers, the FBI, and the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigations were all looking for Ashley. The search finally ended when the girl’s dead body was discovered in the back of the restaurant.

Both parents were arrested, and during questioning, police learned that on the night of the incident, the mother had struck her daughter several times in the head. Afterward, the girl was on the ground oozing a “green fluid” from her mouth, so her father decided to take her to the bathroom to clean her up.

When he returned with Ashley, he placed her back on the restaurant floor and discovered that she was no longer breathing. After a failed CPR attempt, the couple chose to hide the body and report their daughter missing.

They will appear before a judge in the coming days. They were charged with various counts of murder and assault and their bail is set at $5 million.

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The couple’s other child is now in the custody of Stark County Children Services.

(via PJ Media)

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