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People Are Coming Up With Donald Trump-Inspired Titles For Classic Books

1. Early Monday morning, the hashtag #TrumpANovel started trending on Twitter.

2. People came up with new book titles, inspired by Donald Trump, for classic books and it was fantastic:

5. Many focused on the allegations of sexual assault against Trump and his leaked tapes.

#TrumpaNovel The Great Grabsy

— Nasty Woman (@RemittanceGirl)



— Trump in Bed (@Trump_in_Bed)

#TrumpaNovel The Gropes Of Wrath

— Loco Lion (@LeonWalder)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Assgrabbin #TrumpaNovel

— Stephen Williams (@WilliamsCodex)

10. Meanwhile, others were just using the hashtag as an opportunity to roast the presidential candidate.

Mopey Dick

— Full Metal Finch (@FullMetalFinch)

Lord of the Lies

— TunaOfTheSky (@tunaofthesky)

@PadraigBelton Extremely Loud and Incredibly Gross. #TrumpANovel

— Tourette Butler (@williamsinct)

Moby Dickhead #TrumpaNovel

— Lala La (@LA_Detroit)

14. And some made jokes about things Trump had said in the past.

20,000 Biglys Under The Sea #TrumpaNovel

— Elise Markley (@eliselm5)

Blood Coming out of Her Meridian #TrumpANovel

— James Tate Hill (@JamesTateHill)

Great Expectations, Really Really Terrific Expectations #TrumpANovel

— Arthur Riordan (@ArtRiordan)

17. Well played, Twitter.