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Literally Just 19 Really Funny Jokes About Sex

1. On food:

On food:

2. On exclusive clubs:

On exclusive clubs:

3. On phone sex:

On phone sex:

7. On whales:

On whales:

8. On staff members:

On staff members:

9. On exercise:

On exercise:

10. On crymaxing:

On crymaxing:

11. On the birds and the bees:

On the birds and the bees:

12. On penises:

On penises:

13. On honesty:

On honesty:

15. On vaginas:

On vaginas:

16. On getting laid:

On getting laid:

17. On sex moves:

On sex moves:

18. On dirty talk:

On dirty talk:

19. And finally, on sex after 40: