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25 Times Josh Peck Was Goofy As Hell In 2016

1. When he posted this truth about New Year’s resolutions:

2. When he posted this “quarterboob” pic:

3. When he put on a hair net:

4. And when he made this face:

5. When he did this:

6. When being single on Valentine’s Day went something like this:

7. When his technique was perfect:

8. When Loréal sent him some makeup:

9. When he was a work of art:

10. When he posed with some wine:

11. When he shared his love of bread with Oprah:

12. When he posted this TBT:

13. And when he had fun at EDC:

14. When he was on Lip Sync Battle:

15. When he took a picture with boob balloons:

16. When he expressed how much he really, really loves summer:

17. When he posted whatever the hell this is:

18. When this is how he celebrated the 4th of July:

19. When he faked a wedding:

20. When he tried to recharge:

21. When he apparently thought he was at Hogwarts:

22. When he pushed John Stamos on a swing because that’s normal:

23. When he was his own bartender:

24. When this happened:

25. And when he took this picture with a Christmas tree:

Merry Christmas, Drake and Josh.

What a fabulous 2016, Josh.

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