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24 Bad Ass Portraits Of Pets You Can Adopt Right Now

1. In celebration of all the many wonderful animals who still need homes, I took a trip to North Shore Animal Shelter to capture their true beauty in portraits.

2. Angel

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

Angel is a ten year old domestic short hair tabby who is looking for a lap to snuggle on.

3. Kobe


Jon Premosch

Kobe thinks he is a small dog when he jumps into your arms to give you a hug.

4. Grace

Jon Premosch

Grace is a puppy who knows how to work a room. One wink and you’ll fall in love with her instantly!

5. Amber


Jon Premosch

Amber is a two-month-old kitten with a heart of gold and will provide you with love for a lifetime.

6. Coco

Jon Premosch

Coco wants to know if you can touch your tounge to your nose. She double dog dares you to do it.

7. Mickey


Jon Premosch

Mickey knows when you are talking about him and will glare at you until you stop and give him a head rub.

8. Keno

Jon Premosch

Keno is a bashful husky mix who cannot wait to make plans with his new loving family.

9. Quinn

Jon Premosch

Quinn has one mission in life and it’s to catch that cat toy.

11. Madison


Jon Premosch

Madison lights up a room with her smile and wagging tail.

12. Pretty Kitty

Pretty Kitty

Jon Premosch

Pretty Kitty is a two and a half year old domestic short hair sweetheart who will always show you her good side.

13. Joey

Jon Premosch

Joey is a socialite who loves to play with both the cats and volunteers at the adoption center.

14. Cayden


Jon Premosch

Cayden knows a good treat when she sees one.

15. Donny

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

All Donny is looking for is someone to rub his chin.

16. Rudy


Jon Premosch

Once Rudy gives you those puppy dog eyes, you should know she is preparing to shower you with kisses.

17. Mona

Jon Premosch

You have Mona’s attention the minute you take the toys out of the box.

18. O’Shea


Jon Premosch

As soon as you squeak a toy, you have O’Shea front and center.

19. Topaz


Jon Premosch

Topaz, much like his name, is a beautiful gemstone. He can’t wait to be home cuddling next to you!

20. Gershwin


Jon Premosch

Gershwin is a domestic short-haired kitten who is looking for a family that has an ear for good music.

21. Casey

Jon Premosch

Casey knows when you’re up to no good. You better watch yourself around this little guy.

22. Chunks


Jon Premosch

Chunks is a six year old beagle mix who is happy ALL OF THE TIME!

23. Darwin


Jon Premosch

Darwin is a smart, good-looking, sweet hipster cat which is everything one could ask for in a feline friend.

24. Lucky

Jon Premosch

All someone has to do is say “treats” and you have Lucky’s attention.

25. Teddy


Jon Premosch

Teddy is wondering where his toy went! He loves toys!

26. Last But Not Least is Sebastian!

Last But Not Least is Sebastian!

Jon Premosch

Sebastian is a senior cat who is looking for a family that can provide him love, peace and quiet during his retirement years.

27. Bonus Photo

Bonus Photo

Jon Premosch


28. Special thanks to North Shore Animal League for allowing me to photograph these adorable pets!

All of these animals can be found on for more information.