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21 Totally Legit Ways To Save And Make Money That Actually Work

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their best tips for bringing in easy money. Here are the lifesaving results.

1. Add a Chrome extension that gives you money for certain online searches, like Qmee.




It’s 100% free to sign up — no credit card, nothing — and when you search for certain things on Google, Bing, Amazon, and eBay, you automatically earn cash rewards. Seriously.

—Allison Green, Facebook

2. Get free stuff on your birthday.

IHOP / Sephora / Baskin Robbins



There are SO many places that will give you free stuff for your birthday, whether it be pancakes from IHOP or makeup from Sephora. Here’s a nifty resource for where to get free stuff for your day of birth.

—Quinn May, Facebook

3. Use a money-tracking app so you have all of your spending habits laid out in front of you.


Whitewater Labs, LLC


Some great free apps include Spendee or Moni.


4. Hold clothing swaps with your friends to give away unwanted clothes and get new ones for free.

The CW


“I vowed to not buy any new clothes for one whole year, so I invited all my friends over with all their unwanted wearable items, and we traded. All the leftovers went to a charity.”

—Quinn May, Facebook

5. Or if it’s more convenient, sell your clothes in exchange for cold, hard cash.


Places like Buffalo Exchange and Plato’s Closet have plenty of IRL locations, or you can easily sell online through sites like Poshmark.

—Quinn May, Facebook

6. Avoid paying for toilet paper by taking a few rolls from work.


Bring a bigger bag every once in a while to hide your stash. No one has to know.

—Beatrice Jane Smith, Facebook

7. Play games and take surveys to earn gift cards for tons of places with Swagbucks.





8. Fall in love with your local Dollar Store.


DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THOSE DOLLAR STORES. They usually carry toothbrushes, detergent, fabric softener, dishes, trash bags, hair ties, nail polish, snacks…


9. Leave snacks in your car or purse so you aren’t compelled to stop at fast food places or gas stations during your commute.



“I get hungry on my commute home, so I leave apples in my car so I don’t feel the need to stop at the grocery store because I’m shopping while hungry and bored.”


10. Do the math before you spend the dough.

Do the math before you spend the dough.

Apatow Productions

“I always think about purchases in terms of how much I would have to work to buy it. For example, if you make $10 an hour, ‘This dress is $50, is it worth five hours of work?’ It definitely helps me save a lot!”


11. Earn rewards for being Earth-conscious.




“Interacting with the (totally trustworthy) site Recyclebank earns you points toward rewards like savings on products, free magazines, and coupons for restaurants.”


12. Take advantage of price match policies everywhere you shop.

Take advantage of price match policies everywhere you shop.

Some stores like Walmart will match the advertised price of other stores if you bring in a current store flyer. Check the store’s website for their price match policies before you try this.


13. Set aside money for your Amazon shopping so you don’t go overboard.




Amazon Allowances allows you to direct deposit money into your Amazon account on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can then use that money to shop, instead of impulse buying with your credit card. It’s an easy way to budget.




“ALL of your change — pocket change, couch coins, coins you find on the street. Quarters can save lives when you’re trying to get a taco for under $2 and attend dollar beer nights, and that change adds up!”


15. Pack your own lunch for work.


“Honestly, not only does this help you save cash, but it also helps you eat a little healthier and regulate your eating schedule. EVERYONE WINS.”


16. And say “no” to going out to eat so often. Say “yes” to groceries instead.


McDonald's / Pizza Hut / Starbucks / Olive Garden / Taco Bell


“You bought your groceries for a reason!”


17. Take part in paid research tests and earn free $$$.

Take part in paid research tests and earn free $$$.

Sony / Parkwood

“You can make $50 easily just for showing up to a nearby university and discussing your opinions for an hour. There are plenty of sites out there listing opportunities, so just search ‘take part in research near me,’ and voilà!”


18. Start an “oh, shit” fund as soon as you have an income.

Start an "oh, shit" fund as soon as you have an income.

New Line Cinema

“Set it up through your bank so that every payday, a certain amount is automatically transferred into it. A few bucks every time adds up, and when a crisis hits (maybe your car breaks down, for instance) it will not bury you. This has saved me countless times!”


19. In fact, just put money away in savings before you even see it.

In fact, just put money away in savings before you even see it.

Def Jam / Roc Nation

“Every time I get paid, I have $20 direct-deposited into a separate savings account so I don’t have to do it myself. I almost forget about it sometimes!”


20. Get a bunch of toiletries and beauty products for free just by reviewing them through companies like Influenster.


Aussie / Crest / MAC Cosmetics


Influenster’s a website and app where you can take REALLY short surveys from companies who are willing to send free products. You then try the products and write your honest review right back on Influenster’s site. It’s AWESOME.

Anna Kopsky

21. And take advantage of a built-in coupon hunter while you shop online.




“Chrome extensions like WikiBuy and Honey are lifesavers. WikiBuy looks across the internet for the same item, just cheaper! Honey is the queen of promo codes for coupons. Love!”


Now go forth and save some dollars, my little nuggets!

Now go forth and save some dollars, my little nuggets!


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